Download YuZip v7.1.0 for D11 Alexandria + CRACK (Create, Open, Extract From, and Modify ZIP Archives)

Download YuZip v7.1.0 for D11 Alexandria + CRACK (Create, Open, Extract From, and Modify ZIP Archives)

Version: 7.1.0
Product Release Date: November 22, 2023
Download Yuzip V7.1.0 For D11 Alexandria + Crack (Create, Open, Extract From, And Modify Zip Archives)
YuZip is a library to manipulate ZIP archives for Delphi (Embarcadero / CodeGear / Borland). All code is statically linked, no DLLs are needed. It is a Delphi library to create, open, extract from, and modify ZIP archives with multiple algorithms for compression and encryption.
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YuZip is a robust Delphi library tailored to seamlessly manipulate ZIP archives, specifically designed for compatibility with Delphi frameworks like Embarcadero, CodeGear, and Borland. One notable advantage is its self-contained nature – it boasts all-inclusive static code linkage, eliminating the need for external DLLs.

YuZip’s two main units are:

  • YuZip.pas, a Delphi port of the popular libzip C library with complete ZIP archive manipulation capabilities.
  • libzip is widely used in many commercial and open-source products like Adobe, Chrome, PHP, and Mercedes cars.
  • DIZipWriter.pas contains the TDIZipWriter class, optimized to create new ZIP archives and compress even huge files using minimal memory. It cannot open existing ones.


This library empowers Delphi developers with a wide array of ZIP archive operations, including creating, opening, extracting, and modifying archives. Notably, It incorporates multiple compression algorithms like deflate, bzip2, LZMA, PPMd, XZ, and zStandard, providing versatile options for optimizing file size. Additionally, it offers robust encryption capabilities, including AES and PKWARE encryption methods.

YuZip‘s origins trace back to its predecessor, DIZipWriter, which first emerged in 2002. The cornerstone of this library was the TDIZipWriter class, a powerful tool for crafting new ZIP archives. It provided user-friendly interfaces for effortlessly adding data from files, buffers, streams, and objects. Notably, TDIZipWriter prioritized speed, avoiding the use of temporary files and external DLLs, a commitment upheld to this day.

In a groundbreaking development in 2005, DIZipWriter introduced AES encryption, distinguishing itself as the sole Delphi library to implement this formidable encryption method, aligning with WinZip 9.0 standards. Over time, it evolved into the de facto industry standard for ZIP encryption.

To keep pace with evolving ZIP specifications and the introduction of more efficient compression algorithms, DIZipWriter introduced a versatile abstract compression class in 2013. This class facilitated the integration of compression methods like bzip2 and LZMA. In subsequent years, YuZip expanded its capabilities by adding support for XZ, zStandard, and PPMd compression methods in 2021 and 2022, respectively.

While originally designed for exporting or backing up data to ZIP archives, DIZipWriter started receiving requests from users for functionalities to open existing ZIP archives, extract and modify data, and add new content. Addressing these demands, the library found inspiration in the popular libzip C library, which was well-suited for adaptation to Delphi. Consequently, in 2023, the new YuZip.pas unit was introduced alongside the original DIZipWriter.pas unit, and the library transitioned to its current name, YuZip.

Today, YuZip stands as the most comprehensive ZIP archive manipulation library available for Delphi developers, offering a wide range of features and robust support for various compression and encryption methods, making it an indispensable tool for ZIP archive handling in the Delphi ecosystem.

Compression Algorithms:

  • Deflate.
  • Bzip2.
  • LZMA.
  • PPMd – Currently TDIZipWriter only.
  • XZ.
  • Standard.

Encryption Algorithms:

  • WinZip AES – strong, with 128, 192, and 256-bit key sizes.
  • Original PKWARE – weak, no longer recommended.

YuZip Features:

  • Create new ZIP archives – YuZip.pas and DIZipWriter.pas.
    • Add and compress files, buffers, or streams.
  • Open existing ZIP archives – YuZip.pas only.
    • Extract to file, buffer, or streams.
    • Modify from files, buffers, or streams.
    • Change compression, encryption, and password.
  • ZIP64 format supports files larger than 4 GB.
  • Unicode filenames with automatic code page conversion.
  • Progress / cancel events.
  • Comments for individual files and the entire archive.
  • Create self-extracting archives (SFX).