Download TMS WEB Core VSC v2.0.6014 Full Source (Framework for Creating Modern Web Applications)

Download TMS WEB Core VSC v2.0.6014 Full Source (Framework for Creating Modern Web Applications)

Version: 2.0.6014
Product Release Date: November 28, 2022
Download Tms Web Core Vsc V2.0.6014 Full Source (Framework For Creating Modern Web Applications)
TMS WEB Core VSC is a framework for creating modern web applications from Visual Studio Code with Object Pascal.TMS WEB Core VSC uses a full WYSIWYG form designer that also uses HTML elements or complete HTML templates live on the form designer.
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You can now take advantage of the visual form inheritance feature and from the TMS WEB Core VSC IDE. This means you can design a form, create an inherited form, and use base form class and inherited form live visually in the IDE. Any modifications that you make to the base class will immediately be visible in the descending form class, and any modifications made to the class that is descending are easily managed and persisted.  The use of visual form inheritance will greatly improve your efficiency when dealing with web application form logic with repeating patterns.

Tms Web Core Vsc

Although TMS WEB Core VSC is younger than the version for Delphi and comes with the added challenge that it has a web technology-based form designer.   It means TMS WEB Core VSC uses a full WYSIWYG form designer, which also uses HTML elements, or complete HTML templates live on the form designer. This brings more complexity to manage within the designer. We concentrated on improving design time in this new release. Enhancements were made to the framework to deal with this design-time scenario better. We also significantly expanded the number of tests that can be run within the IDE to ensure stability and compatibility.

TMS WEB Core VSC Features:

TMS WEB Core VSC RADical Web

  • Modern SPA web application model
  • Pure HTML5/CSS3/Javascript based applications
  • Standard component framework for common UI controls and access to browser features
  • Debugging in Pascal code via the browser
  • Backed by a solid & proven Delphi Pascal to Javascript compiler that was years in development

Easy Deployment

  • The application consists of HTML & Javascript files only that can be easily deployed on any light or heavyweight web servers.
  • Use any existing load-balancing software and/or techniques for the highest performance.

TMS WEB Core VSC Reuse skills and components

  • Open to consuming other existing Javascript frameworks & libraries
  • Open to using other jQuery controls or even other Javascript frameworks
  • Easy interfacing to REST cloud services, including to TMS XData for database
  • Open to using HTML/CSS for design

TMS WEB Core VSC Targets

  • Installable Progressive Web Applications (PWA)
  • Electron cross-platform desktop applications
  • Miletus cross-platform desktop applications for Windows, macOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi
  • Classic web client applications

Visual Studio Code version benefits

  • WYSIWYG form designer
  • Debugging integrated into the IDE
  • High DPI-enabled IDE
  • An ecosystem with many additional plugins to enhance development productivity
  • Cross-Platform (Windows / macOS / Linux)