Download TMS VCL Instrumentation Workshop v2.8.2.0 Full Source (Over 80 Instrumentation Controls)

Download TMS VCL Instrumentation Workshop v2.8.2.0 Full Source (Over 80 Instrumentation Controls)

Product Release Date: November 8, 2023
Download Tms Vcl Instrumentation Workshop V2.8.2.0 Full Source (Over 80 Instrumentation Controls)
TMS VCL Instrumentation Workshop has Over 80 Instrumentation controls for Delphi and C++Builder. It is a library full of components, methods, and routines.
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TMS VCL Instrumentation Workshop is a library full of components, methods, and routines that allow you to create professional-looking instrumentation and multimedia applications. A collection of over 80 digital and instrumentation components such as banners, LEDs, scopes, sliders, knobs, meters, buttons, and panels with custom backgrounds and more.

Tms Vcl Instrumentation Workshop

TMS VCL Instrumentation Workshop’s Meters

  • TVrJogMeter: rotating meter control
  • TVrLineMeter: highly configurable meter control with peak values, linear & logarithmic scale
  • TVrThermoMeter: thermometer control with peak values, setpoint and linear or logarithmic scale
  • TVrAngularMeter: rounded analog meter device
  • TVrMeter: meter control with needle and scale control
  • TVrPowerMeter: temperature/progress meter
  • TVrCompass: base class needle component
  • TVrTank: multi shaped tank control
  • TVrTubeMeter: tube meter control with various tube shape settings

TMS VCL Instrumentation Workshop’s Sliders & Bars

  • TVrSlider: smooth slider control
  • TVrProgressBar: enhanced progress bar
  • TVrIndicator: horizontal or vertical row of LEDs
  • TVrTrackBar: trackbar component
  • TVrLevelBar: progress bar with various fill styles
  • TVrGauge: gauge in LCD style

Led Styles

  • TVrBlinkLed: sizeable multi color led with blink capability
  • TVrCheckLed: checkbox with led
  • TVrDigit: 7 segment LED
  • TVrImageLed: standard LED control
  • TVrLights: row of green / yellow / red leds
  • TVrLed: small light bulb control
  • TVrArrow: arrow shaped button control
  • TVrJoyPad: arrow control with customizable direction
  • TVrUserLed: user definable LED control
  • TVrRaster: raster of led cells

TMS VCL Instrumentation Workshop’s Counters

  • TVrCounter: counter display with customizable number bitmaps
  • TVrNum: displays numeric values in LCD style
  • TVrNumLEDS: free configurable 7 segment LED display that can display characters 0..9, . , : and – in any order
  • TVrFloatNum: 7 segment LED display to display floating point numbers with control over nr. of decimals and negative sign

Multi colored Matrix

  • TVrMatrixGroup: multi line dot matrix control to display text
  • TVrMatrix: single line dot matrix control to display text

TMS VCL Instrumentation Workshop’s Buttons

  • TVrAniButton: animated button using a bitmap filmstrip for animation
  • TVrBitmapButton: button using bitmap shape
  • TVrDemoButton: 3D push button with various additional features
  • TVrHyperButton: web link styled button component
  • TVrMediaButton: push button control with 3D effect
  • TVrPowerButton :  Windows button control with embedded LED
  • TVrRotarySwitch: sizeable rotary switch with switch position labels
  • TVrWheel: rounded progress indicator or knob
  • TVrSwitch: switch component
  • TVrSpinner: up/down control
  • TVrKeyPad: numeric keypad for touchscreen applications
  • TVrNavigator: multimedia navigator control
  • TVrShadowButton: button with extra shadow effect
  • TVrShapeBtn: transforms a bitmap in a 3D rendered image
  • TVrUpDown: updown push button control
  • TVrRocker: light switch styled switch control

TMS VCL Instrumentation Workshop’s Graphics

  • TVrAnimate: animated image using a bitmap filmstrip for animation
  • TVrGradient: component for creating multi colored backgrounds
  • TVrBorder: beveled outline
  • TVrDeskTop: form background
  • TVrHyperLink: web link styled label component
  • TVrWebLabel: automatic codeless internet link
  • TVrBitmapDial: dial control using bitmap filmstrip for position display
  • TVrBitmapImage: pattern bitmap image with various settings
  • TVrPieGraph: 2D / 3D percentage pie graph
  • TVrPercentPie: percent pie chart graph
  • TVrPercentBar: percent bar graph
  • TVrHotImage: image with bitmaps for hot and normal state
  • TVrLabel: 3D label with rotation and various effects
  • TVrBanner: scrolling bitmap with speed & direction control
  • TVrDisplay: LCD panel styled control that can contain child controls
  • TVrBitmapList: container component for holding bitmaps
  • TVrBlotter: container control with child control placement management
  • TVrSlideShow: bitmap transition component


  • TVrAnalogClock: analog clock in LCD style
  • TVrCalendar: control for selection of number or images from cells
  • TVrClock: timer display in LCD style

Checkboxes & Radiobuttons

  • TVrBitmapCheckBox: checkbox with bitmaps for various states
  • TVrBitmapRadioButton: radiobutton with bitmaps for various states


  • TVrScanner: tool to display a row of horizontal leds which can be highlighted
  • TVrSpectrum: row of vertical bars to display a collection of signals
  • TVrScope: graphic oscilloscope control
  • TVrScale: displays a scale

TMS VCL Instrumentation Workshop’s Non-visual controls

  • TVrDirScan: non visual component for locating files on local or network drives
  • TVrCopyFile: wrapper for file copy
  • TVrStringList: stringlist container component
  • TVrTrayGauge: component to add progress indicator in system tray
  • TVrTrayIcon: component to add icon in tray
  • TVrKeyStatus: provides Num Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll  Lock state
  • TVrWave: wave player component
  • TVrFormShape: gives your form the shape of a bitmap
  • TVrRunOnce: disable multiple instances of the application
  • TVrThread: wrapper for making multithreaded applications easier