Download TMS mCL v2.3.0.0 Full Source (Set of Components for True Native macOS Application Development)

Download TMS mCL v2.3.0.0 Full Source (Set of Components for True Native macOS Application Development)

Product Release Date: November 14, 2023
Download Tms Mcl V2.3.0.0 Full Source (Set Of Components For True Native Macos Application Development)
TMS mCL is a Set of components for true native macOS application development.
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TMS mCL is a set of components allowing true native macOS application development.

Tms Mcl

TMS mCL Includes:


  • Native macOS NSOutlineView with columns, items, and sub-items
  • Column going, resizing.
  • Single and multi-selection
  • Support for editing and displaying String, Double, Integer values
  • Support for editing and displaying Boolean values using a checkbox
  • Support for showing pictures
  • Optional column headers
  • Virtual manner
  • Customizable item look
  • Different occasions for customization


  • Access the iCloud file storage
  • Support for several containers
  • Insert, delete and upgrade documents
  • Asynchronous document managing
  • Different events to manage iCloud initialization and record changes.
  • Ability to synchronize files between iPod, iPhone, iPad, and macOS programs


  • Produce open and new existing PDF files
  • Merge PDF files
  • Support for graphics, various shapes and avenues with strokes, strong and gradient fills.
  • Plain and rich text support
  • Text stream in several columns
  • Overflow activation and detection
  • Access or set PDF document information like Writer, Creator, Title,…
  • Owner and consumer password service
  • Several predefined page sizes
  • Optional page header and footer


  • Access into the iCloud key-value storage
  • Configurable manual or automatic synchronization of values and keys
  • Insert, delete and upgrade key occasions
  • Support for String, Integer, Boolean, Double, and TMemoryStream
  • Ability to synchronize preferences and information between iPod, iPhone, iPad along with macOS programs


  • Native macOS NSTextView with complete rich text editing capabilities
  • Support for Tracking Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikethrough, Subscript, and Superscript
  • Support for Tracking Text foreground and background color
  • Support for Tracking Paragraphs, align left, right, center
  • Cut, Paste, and Copy as wealthy and plain text.
  • Support for adding URL’s
  • Support for emoticons
  • Support for Adding bitmaps
  • Export to Microsoft Word Document, Open Office XML, HTML, RTF, RTFD, and plain text
  • Export to the memory stream


  • Native macOS NSView with abundant text view edit activities
  • Connect using a rich text view into the codeless performance
  • Independent events for every activity
  • Optional disable things


  • Native macOS NSTableView with columns and things
  • Column going, resizing.
  • Single Interest sorting
  • Single and multi-selection
  • Support for editing and displaying String, Double, Integer values
  • Support for editing and displaying Boolean values using a checkbox
  • Support for showing pictures
  • Optional column headers
  • Virtual manner
  • Customizable item look
  • Different occasions for customization


  • Native macOS NSTextField
  • Read-only Model of TMSFMXNativeNSTextField
  • Configurable Text


  • Native macOS NSView
  • Can be Utilized as the container for other controls
  • Custom drawing service
  • Configurable background shade


  • Native macOS NSProgressIndicator
  • Bar and round progress style
  • Indeterminate design
  • Optional threaded cartoon


  • Native macOS NSButton
  • Can have the picture and/or text
  • Support for distinct native macOS button fashions
  • Customizable font


  • Native macOS NSPopover
  • Employed to popup an opinion over other controllers
  • Programmatic hide & show of popup


  • Native macOS NSTextField
  • Configurable, editable, and selectable text
  • Safe variation: password-enabled text area (TTMSFMXNativeNSSecureTextField)


  • Native macOS NSDatePicker
  • Configurable display style
  • Picker using up/down button
  • Editable text area
  • Calendar / Analog clock perspective


  • Native macOS NSLevelIndicator
  • Tickmark service
  • Minimum, Maximum worth
  • Caution and Critical worth indication


  • Native macOS NSStepper
  • Up/down the controller
  • Configurable min/max worth
  • Configurable step worth
  • Configurable regular or constant step manner
  • Configurable measure autorepeat


  • TMS mCL Native macOS NSTabView
  • Multiple tabs with tab placement control
  • Tab webpages to show other TMS FMX Native Mac controllers


  • Native macOS NSCheckBox
  • Inherits from TMSFMXNativeNSButton and provides checkbox capacities


  • Native macOS PDFView
  • The screen of and interaction using a PDF document


  • Native macOS PDFThumbnailView
  • The screen of interaction with all the thumbnails of a PDF document
  • Link with TMSFMXNativePDFView


  • TMS mCL Native macOS NSToolbar
  • Toolbar using configurable toolbar things
  • Configurable standard OS-X toolbar system controller types
  • Display modes: icon-only, text-only, and text and icon


  • Native macOS NSScrollView
  • Scrolling container for other controls


  • Native macOS NSComboBox
  • Shows items in a popup listing
  • Optional Editable text


  • Native macOS NSSlider
  • Flat, vertical, and curved slider fashion


  • Native macOS NSRadioButton
  • Inherits from TMSFMXNativeNSButton and provides radio button capacities


  • Native macOS WebView
  • Display webpages
  • Execute javascript
  • Load documents like HTML pages, TXT, CSV, PDF, MP4,…
  • Load HTML strings


  • Native macOS NSTextView
  • Multi-line text perspective
  • Editable / selectable text
  • Vertical and horizontal Ruler
  • Vertical scrollbar


  • Native macOS ImageView
  • Load image from URL
  • Face detection
  • Supports standard iOS picture kinds TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, ICO, CUR, XBMs


  • Native macOS NSPopupButton
  • Pop-up, or the pull-down menu.
  • Things collection and selection of items with index or text.
  • Customizable font

TMS mCL Full component list:

  • TMS mCL provides 100% native macOS components for FireMonkey applications
  • TMS mCL is Available as RAD set of Delphi components
  • TMSFMXNativeNSTableView: native tableview component with rows/columns and lots of features
  • TMSFMXNativeNSToolbar: native runtime customizable toolbar
  • TMSFMXNativeNSImageView: native image component with support for TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, ICO, CUR, XBMs
  • TMSFMXNativePDFView: native PDF file viewer
  • TMSFMXNativePDFThumbnailView: can be connected to PDF file viewer for page selection via thumbnails
  • TMSFMXNativeNSButton: native button with many built-in styles
  • TMSFMXNativeNSTextField: native edit control with perfect integration in operating system
  • TMSFMXNativeNSLabel: native label control
  • TMSFMXNativeNSLevelIndicator: native level indicator with min/max/tickmarks
  • TMSFMXNativeNSProgressIndicator: native bar or circular progress control
  • TMSFMXNativeNSTabView: native tabview
  • TMSFMXNativeNSPopover: native popover control
  • TMSFMXNativeNSDatePicker: native datepicker as calendar,clock,edit control
  • TMSFMXNativeNSComboBox: native combobox control
  • TMSFMXNativeNSStepper: native up/down control with min/max and normal or continuous step mode
  • TMSFMXNativeNSRadioButton: native radiobutton control
  • TMSFMXNativeNSCheckBox: native checkbox control
  • TMSFMXNativeNSTextView: native multiline edit control
  • TMSFMXNativeNSScrollView: native scrollbox
  • TMSFMXNativeWebView: embedded Safari webbrowser
  • TMSFMXNativeNSSlider: native horizontal/vertical/circular slider control
  • TMSFMXNativeNSPopupButton: native PopupButton
  • TMSFMXNativeNSOutlineView: native macOS NSOutlineView with columns, items and sub items
  • TMS mCL Can be mixed with FireMonkey graphical controls used directly on the form
  • TMS mCL Includes various demos and an extensive PDF developers guide