Download TMS iCL v4.2.0.0 Full Source (Native IOS Look & Feel Components for Delphi FireMonkey)

Download TMS iCL v4.2.0.0 Full Source (Native IOS Look & Feel Components for Delphi FireMonkey)

Product Release Date: November 14, 2023
Download Tms Icl V4.2.0.0 Full Source (Native Ios Look &Amp; Feel Components For Delphi Firemonkey)
TMS iCL provides High performance native iOS look & feel components for Delphi FireMonkey.It allows you to create PDF documents from scratch and view them through the native iOS PDF viewer.
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Utilizing using TMS iCL You can build rich applications using a variety of list components like the collection and table view as well as smaller selector and picker components and select the native iOS operating system performance.

TMS iCL offers Native iOS web browser support to seamlessly integrate web content in your application. It allows you to create PDF documents from scratch and view them through the native iOS PDF viewer, Easily integrate your iCloud documents and choose native fingerprint to secure your application. TMS iCL share files with other applications in a read-to-use user interface native to the iOS operating system.

Tms Icl

TMS iCL Compatibility:

TMS iCL 100% native iOS components for Delphi FireMonkey applications for iPhone, iPad, iPod

TMS iCL Full component list:

  • TTMSFMXNativeAppShortcuts
    Homescreen quick actions
  • TTMSFMXNativeSpeechRecognition
    Transcribe spoken text or audio files
  • TTMSFMXNativeSpeechCommandRecognition
    Detect specific spoken commands
  • TTMSFMXNativeUIRichTextView
    Native UITextView with rich text editing capabilities
  • TTMSFMXNativeUIRichTextViewToolBar
    Native UIView with rich text view edit actions
  • TTMSFMXNativeUIFontPicker
    Native UIPopoverController with support iOS font families
  • TTMSFMXNativeUIColorPicker
    Native UIPopoverController with default 16 colors
  • TTMSFMXNativeUIButton
    Native iOS button
  • TTMSFMXNativeUISearchBar
    Native iOS search entry edit control
  • TTMSFMXNativeUISlider
    Native iOS slider control
  • TTMSFMXNativeUISwitch
    Native iOS switch control
  • TTMSFMXNativeUITableView
    Native iOS tableview with sections and items
  • TTMSFMXNativeUIToolBar
    Native iOS toolbar
  • TTMSFMXNativeUIPickerView
    Native iOS pickerview control
  • TTMSFMXNativeUIDatePicker
    Native iOS date/time picker or countdown timer
  • TTMSFMXNativeUITextView
    Native iOS memo control
  • TTMSFMXNativeUILabel
    Native iOS label
  • TTMSFMXNativeUIScrollView
    Native iOS scroll box
  • TTMSFMXNativeUIProgressView
    Native iOS progress indicator
  • TTMSFMXNativeUISegmentedControl
    Native iOS segment control
  • TTMSFMXNativeUIStepper
    Native iOS stepper control
  • TTMSFMXNativeUITextField
    Native iOS edit control
  • TTMSFMXNativeMKMapView
    Native iOS map view
  • TTMSFMXNativeFMXWrapper
    Wrapper component to display a separate form as a subview of other native iOS controls
  • TTMSFMXNativeUIImageView
    Native iOS image view
  • TTMSFMXNativeUIView
    Native iOS view
  • TTMSFMXNativeUITabBarController
    Native iOS TabBarController
  • TTMSFMXNativeUIImagePickerController
    Native iOS ImagePickerController
  • TTMSFMXNativeMFMessageComposeViewController
    Native iOS Message compose viewcontroller
  • TTMSFMXNativeMFMailComposeViewController
    Native iOS Mail compose viewcontroller
  • TTMSFMXNativeUIActionSheet
    Native iOS actionsheet
  • TTMSFMXNativeUINavigationController
    Native iOS navigationcontroller
  • TTMSFMXNativeUIViewController
    Native iOS viewcontroller
  • TTMSFMXNativeUIViewPopoverController
    Native iOS viewcontroller wit popover presentation
  • TTMSFMXNativeUIViewSheetController
    Native iOS viewcontroller with sheet presentation
  • TTMSFMXNativeUIPageViewController
    Native iOS pageviewcontroller
  • TTMSFMXNativeUIPDFViewController
    Native iOS single PDF page drawing view
  • TTMSFMXNativeUIPDFPageViewController
    Native iOS PDF viewer
  • TTMSFMXNativeWKWebView
    Native iOS WebView
  • TTMSFMXNativeSLComposeViewController
    Native iOS view to compose a post for supported social networking services
  • TTMSFMXNativeUIActivityViewController
    Native iOS view controller
  • TTMSFMXNativeUIActivityIndicatorView
    Native iOS waiting indicator view
  • TTMSFMXNativeUICollectionView
    Native iOS collectionview with sections and header, footer and items per section
  • TTMSFMXNativeMultipeerConnectivity
    Native iOS peer to peer connectivity component
  • TTMSFMXNativeCLLocationManager
    Native iOS location and heading monitoring component
  • TTMSFMXNativeCMMotionManager
    Native iOS monitoring component of gyroscope, magnetometer, accelerometer data changes and device motion updates
  • TTMSFMXNativeCMAltimeter
    Native iOS component that monitors changes in relative altitude
  • TTMSFMXNativeLocalAuthentication
    Native iOS component for authentication via Touch ID
  • TTMSFMXNativeAVPlayerViewController
    Native iOS component to display the video content of an AVPlayer object
  • TTMSFMXNativeCameraViewController
    Stand-alone component to access the camera
  • TTMSFMXNativeBarCodeScanner
    Stand-alone component to scan various types of bar codes