Download TMS GraphQL for Delphi v1.3.0.0 Full Source (Spec-compliant GraphQL library for Delphi)

Download TMS GraphQL for Delphi v1.3.0.0 Full Source (Spec-compliant GraphQL library for Delphi)

Product Release Date: April 15, 2022
Download Tms Graphql For Delphi V1.3.0.0 Full Source (Spec-Compliant Graphql Library For Delphi)
TMS GraphQL for Delphi provides a Spec-compliant GraphQL library. TMS GraphQL for Delphi provides support for Full Introspection and Full Validation.
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TMS GraphQL has announced that it will be bringing GraphQL into Delphi! The beta version is already in the stage. The core is entirely functional, and everything works perfectly. It’s still necessary to document all the data and add some functions here and there, but we’re at a highly advanced stage.

Tms Graphql

TMS GraphQL for Delphi Features:

  • Complete GraphQL document parser with support to:
    • Full spec-compliant document lexer;
    • Type definition and executable documents;
    • Operations;
    • Selection sets;
    • Fields;
    • Arguments;
    • Field Aliens;
    • Fragments (including types and inline conditions);
    • Input values;
    • All types supported (Int, String, Object, etc. );
    • Variables;
    • Type references (List Non-Null);
    • Directives.
  • GraphQL schema that can support the following types of schemas:
    • Types of Mutation and Query root types;
    • Scalars Include: Int, Float String Boolean, and ID
    • Field arguments, objects, and field deprecation
    • Interfaces;
    • Unions;
    • Enums;
    • Input objects
    • List of types;
    • Non-null types;
    • Directives, such as @skip, include, and @deprecated.
  • TMS GraphQL for Delphi provides support for Full Introspection
  • TMS GraphQL for Delphi provides support for Full Validation
  • Spec-compliant GraphQL document execution (*)
    • Run a GraphQL document that is based on a schema, and then retrieve the results
    • Execution strictly according to GraphQL specification.
    • Skip/include directives handling;
    • Fragments;
    • Selection set execution;
    • Variables;
    • Fields and Variables Values Coercion;
    • Abstract type and field resolvers
    • Practical error handling to precise error location and extensions
    • Automated field resolver binding with the RTTI.
  • GraphQL via HTTP:
    • GraphQL HTTP handler that is compliant with the forthcoming GraphQL over HTTP specification;
    • WebBroker dispatcher component:
      • Help is available for Windows as well as Linux server (**);
      • Deploy using Apache, IIS, FastCGI, Standalone (***);
    • Automatic JSON serialization/deserialization.
  • GraphQL Playground IDE built-in:
    • Debug and run queries on your GraphQL server on the web by activating GraphQL Playground;
    • Completely customizable (light/dark theme titles, light/dark themes, etc. ).
  • Fully capable of being extended:
    • Abstract HTTP request and response allow the GraphQL HTTP handler to work with the Delphi HTTP framework.
    • Inheritable schema types let you create your GraphQL types, including the scalar.
  • TMS GraphQL for Delphi documentation is extensive, including an API reference.
  • Supports starting with Delphi 10 Seattle until the latest version of the Delphi Version.
  • Platforms supported: Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS.
  • Premium support.