Download TMS FNC WebSocket v1.0.1.4 Full Source (Universal Delphi & C++ Builder WebSocket Server)

Download TMS FNC WebSocket v1.0.1.4 Full Source (Universal Delphi & C++ Builder WebSocket Server)

Product Release Date: August 8, 2023
Download Tms Fnc Websocket V1.0.1.4 Full Source (Universal Delphi &Amp; C++ Builder Websocket Server)
TMS FNC WebSocket is a universal Delphi & C++ Builder WebSocket server and client components for VCL, FMX and WEB applications. In TMS FNC WebSocket you'll find easy to use server and client components for WebSocket communication.
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In TMS FNC WebSocket, you will find simple-to-use client and server components that support WebSocket communication. Both the server and the implement the standard RTF 6455 for WebSocket Protocol. This means that the components can be combined and used with existing WebSocket clients and servers.

Just drop them on a form, add the necessary properties, such as the port number and host name, and they’re ready to connect.

Tms Fnc Websocket


Receiving and sending messages as one would expect is possible. There are different events and methods available for text and binary data-based messages. It is also possible to send a message to all connected clients or choose which clients will receive the message.

The TTMSFNCWebSocketServer also supports the WebSocket Protocol over TLS, So it is secure.


Not only the server must be capable of sending and receiving messages, but also the client. Like in TTMSFNCWebSocketServer, separate events and methods are available for dealing with text and binary messages.

We also made sure to make TTMSFNCWebSocketClient as compatible with the existing TWebSocketClient component (TMS WEB Core) as possible so you can reuse your existing code easily!

TMS FNC WebSocket Features:

  • Send and receive binary and text messages from all platforms
  • Supports the WebSocket Protocol over TLS for secure connection
  • Easy webhook integration with an HTTP/HTTPS-compliant server

TMS FNC WebSocket Details:

  • Easy-to-use cross-platform components
  • Implements the RFC 6455 standards for WebSocket Protocol
  • Dedicated WhatsApp components for WhatsApp webhook support
  • Minimal property setup required