Download TMS FNC UI Pack v5.2.1.5 Full Source (Universal Powerful; Feature-Rich Delphi & C++ Builder UI Controls)

Download TMS FNC UI Pack v5.2.1.5 Full Source (Universal Powerful; Feature-Rich Delphi & C++ Builder UI Controls)

Product Release Date: December 18, 2023
Download Tms Fnc Ui Pack V5.2.1.5 Full Source (Universal Powerful; Feature-Rich Delphi &Amp; C++ Builder Ui Controls)
TMS FNC UI Pack contains Universal powerful; feature-rich Delphi & C++ Builder UI controls in 1 component set for VCL; FMX; LCL and WEB core apps. Includes grid; planner; treeview; ribbon and rich editor.
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TMS FNC UI Pack includes universal powerful and feature-rich Delphi, and C++ Builder UI controls in one component set that works with VCL FMX, LCL, and WEB core apps. Includes grid; planner; treeview; ribbon and rich editor.

TMS FNC UI Pack Features:

  • Feature-rich & high performance grid : With TMS FNC UI Pack take your application to the next level with data visualization features such as filtering, sorting and grouping. Use the easy data binding functionality as well as the ability to export to PDF, HTML and XLS.
  • Powerful workflow visualization kanban board : Empower your workflow with fully customizable multi-column visualization of your daily tasks.
  • Highly flexible planner / scheduler : Using TMS FNC UI Pack organize your team planning with one of the various display modes
  • Ribbon style toolbar : Design modern user interfaces with the multi-page ribbon. Easily change the look and feel with one of the pre-defined themes.
  • Flexible multi-column tree view : High performance virtual and collection based node structure with various customization possibilities.

Tms Fnc Ui Pack

TMS FNC UI Pack Components:

  • Grid
  • Kanban board
  • Object Inspector
  • Ribbon
  • Planner
  • RichEditor
  • TreeView
  • PageControl & panels
  • Edit
  • List
  • Pickers & selectors
  • SVG support
  • WebBrowser
  • Progress
  • Miscellaneous

TMS FNC UI Pack feature-rich & powerful grid component


  • Column Persistence
  • Fixed cell single and range selection
  • Autosizing columns / rows on double-click
  • Highly configurable and flexible grid
  • Various cell types available and built-in as well as support for custom cell types
  • Fixed columns left and/or right, fixed rows at top and/or bottom.
  • Column & row freezing
  • High performance virtual mode
  • Several selection modes: single & multi cell, column, row, distinct cell, row, column
  • Cells with support for HTML formatted text, hyperlinks
  • Editing with range of built-in editor types and capability of using custom cell inplace editors
  • Cell merging and splitting
  • Grouping support with summary rows, and group calculations such as average, sum, min, max, custom calculation…
  • Filtering with optional auto filtering via dropdown
  • Different cell layouts for different cell states
  • Read-only and/or fixed state per cell configurable
  • Single column sorting, indexed column sorting, grouped column & indexed column sorting
  • Pixel and cell scrolling modes
  • Keyboard and Mouse handling customization: tab, enter, insert, delete key handling
  • Column and row dragging and sizing
  • Cell controls such as checkbox, radiobutton, button, bitmap, progressbar etc…
  • Configurable touch scrolling optimized for iOS / Android
  • Banding
  • Clipboard support
  • HTML Export
  • PDF Export
  • Excel Import / Export via the TTMSFNCGridExcelIO
  • Find and replace functionality
  • Separate ToolBar Popup


  • Component for loading and editing data from any dataset
  • Separate columns collection with DB-related properties
  • Option to automatically extract fields and create equivalent columns


  • Simple formula editing interface
  • Auto recalculation
  • Native XLS file import and export
  • Single cell recalculation, full recalculation
  • Extensive range of mathematical functions
  • Save with formulas or formula results only
  • Single cell references in formulas
  • Cell range formulas
  • Formula precision for grid on cell basis
  • Display formulas or formula results
  • Date / time functions
  • Intelligent formula aware copy and paste
  • Can be extended with custom functions
  • Cell names
  • Cell name mode can be RxCy style or A1-style
  • Inter TTMSFNCSpreadGrid instances cell references in formulas
  • Math library infrastructure to allow easy extending TTMSFNCSpreadGrid with custom functions


  • Specific customization for the export of the TTMSFNCGrid to the printer

This product required the following base library: