Download Telerik UI for WinUI 2023 R1 v2.4.0 Retail (Create State of the Art Windows Desktop Apps)

Download Telerik UI for WinUI 2023 R1 v2.4.0 Retail (Create State of the Art Windows Desktop Apps)

Version: 2.4.0
Product Release Date: January 16, 2023
Download Telerik Ui For Winui 2023 R1 V2.4.0 Retail (Create State Of The Art Windows Desktop Apps)
With Telerik UI for WinUI create state of the art Windows desktop apps with the best-in-class WinUI controls suite. Brought to you by the creators of Telerik UI for WPF & WinForms.
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Telerik UI for WinUI is a UI component suite that works with WinUI 3. Its aim is to utilize technology to facilitate the development of modern, feature-rich applications faster and easier. With Telerik UI for WinUI you can develop powerful WinUI apps that have rich controls, fluid-inspired look and feel with built-in accessibility and localization, intuitive API and MVVM support, and superior performance.

Telerik Ui For Winui

Telerik UI for WinUI Features:

  • Feature Rich Controls for Building Powerful WinUI Apps: Unparalleled quality is our top priority – adopt the ability of this new WinUI frame and enhance your software development process with highly customizable and feature-rich controls.
  • Fluent-inspired Look & Feel: Wish to make sure of consistent look and texture along with an effective performance? Look no more! The default look and texture of this Telerik UI package for WinUI is Fluent-inspired and supports the native Windows theming (Dark and Light ).
  • Superior Performance: In the technology talent that attracted you to Telerik UI for WPF and WinForms, our WinUI package is built with functionality in mind — each part we send is optimized for maximum functionality with unlimited customization capacities.
  • Build One Program for 1+ Billion Windows Devices: The newest state-of-the-art Telerik controllers for WinUI boat with touch assistance help you set up your program on more than 1 billion devices running on Windows 10.
  • Constructed Accessibility & Localization: The Telerik UI for WinUI include built-in access functionalities like Microsoft UI Automation and higher Contrast Themes and custom localization support.
  • Intuitive API & MVVM service: Kick-start your WinUI program development with instinctive API and controls, which are totally compatible with MVVM.