Download Telerik UI for PHP 2023 R1 v2023.1.117 Retail (Build Fast and Responsive PHP Apps)

Download Telerik UI for PHP 2023 R1 v2023.1.117 Retail (Build Fast and Responsive PHP Apps)

Version: 2023.1.117
Product Release Date: January 17, 2023
Download Telerik Ui For Php 2023 R1 V2023.1.117 Retail (Build Fast And Responsive Php Apps)
Telerik UI for PHP is powered by Kendo UI. It is a group of PHP classes that enable you to configure Kendo UI widgets using server-side code from PHP websites.
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Telerik UI for PHP can be described as a collection of PHP classes that allow users to configure Kendo UI widgets with server-side code from PHP websites.

Telerik Ui For Php

Telerik UI for PHP Features:

  • Entire Web Development Length: Telerik UI for PHP is a complete platform for constructing new HTML5 net and mobile programs using PHP.
  • UI Widgets With PHP Server Wrappers: Telerik UI for PHP Includes 70+ jQuery-based UI widgets for construction websites and mobile programs with JavaScript and HTML5 and 40+ PHP host wrappers
  • Customize Topics: once the out-of-the-box themes aren’t sufficient, you may use the ThemeBuilder instrument to personalize the base styles to fit your website rapidly and perfectly.
  • Full Views and Designs With MVVM: UI for PHP provides a high-performance Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) frame, which lets you handle complicated HTML and JavaScript UI with declarative bindings and two-way syncing involving software viewpoints and models.
  • Responsive UI for Modern Apps: Telerik UI for PHP provides a whole, responsive experience and provides one of the features you want to deliver “responsive UI for contemporary apps.”
  • High UX Round Devices and Browsers: Telerik UI for PHP utilizes a mixture of methods to allow some HTML5 attributes in older browsers, along with pleasant, graceful degradation for many others.
  • Unmatched PHP Performance: Every component of Telerik UI for PHP was assembled from the ground up to provide maximum performance.
  • Server- and also Client-Side APIs: Telerik UI for PHP provides you complete control over the Net and DataViz widgets through whole server-side APIs.
  • Pixel-Perfect Themes for Your PHP Apps: Telerik UI to get PHP widgets support styling and themes, through CSS. The frame includes 11 topics: Default, Blue Opal, Black, Metro, Metro Black Bootstrap High Contrast, Moonlight, and Flat UI.
  • Conversational UI – Modern UI for Chatbots: Produce a contemporary chatbot encounter on your internet applications.