Download TatukGIS Developer Kernel for .NET v11.81.0.32618 ENTERPRISE + CRACK (A Professional Grade GIS SDK)

Download TatukGIS Developer Kernel for .NET v11.81.0.32618 ENTERPRISE + CRACK (A Professional Grade GIS SDK)

Product Release Date: September 1, 2023
Download Tatukgis Developer Kernel For .Net V11.81.0.32618 Enterprise + Crack (A Professional Grade Gis Sdk)
TatukGIS Developer Kernel for .NET (DK) is a professional-grade GIS SDK (software development kit) used by customers in a wide range of industries to develop custom GIS applications or add geospatial functionality to existing products.
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TatukGIS Developer Kernel for .NET (DK) is a professional-grade GIS SDK (software development kit) used by customers in many industries to develop custom GIS applications or add geospatial capabilities to existing products. The DK is available as multiple SDK editions; each edition is compiled natively for a particular development platform: Delphi/C++Builder, .NET, ASP.NET, ActiveX, Java, and Python. They allow you to build GIS applications that work with almost every operating system, such as Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and even the web.

Every DK edition shares the same object-oriented API and geospatial functionality, except for differences reflecting the different technologies. No development technology is preferred over another. Application source code is highly similar across platforms. Shared API and source code similarity across SDK editions mean more accessible migration possibilities between development platforms and operating systems.

TatukGIS Developer Kernel for. NET‘s API is extensive, with roughly 750 classes and 19,000 documented methods and properties designed for professional GIS application development. Built from in-house developed and owned technology, the SDK is developed without dependence upon third-party software libraries.

Reflecting an agnostic approach to geospatial data formats and storage, native support for more than 70 files and SQL database layer formats is compiled into the DK library. Dozens more formats are supported via external drivers. TatukGIS Developer Kernel for .NET also is available for advanced spatial databases, such as PostGIS, Oracle Spatial, MSSQL Spatial, and most others. Wide format compatibility enables GIS application development that need not depend on any proprietary, vendor-specific data format.

TatukGIS Developer Kernel for .NET provides features like powerful layer properties, legend, scale, and other visual controls, 5,000+ predefined coordinate systems, on-the-fly layer reprojection, vector editing, spatial and SQL queries, filters, topological operations, thematic/choropleth mapping, data classification methods, raster algebra, viewshed and AGL visibility analysis, vector-to-grid interpolation algorithms, point cloud-to-grid conversion, grid-to-polygon conversion, slope analysis, hydrology toolset, layer statistics, operation pipelining, dynamic shape aggregation, 3D visualization, GPS tracking, address geocoding, and general compatibility with industry standards.

Tatukgis Developer Kernel For .Net

TatukGIS Developer Kernel for .NET Features:

  • Open, create, edit, save, and export vector, image, and grid files, including formats defined as a database.
  • Layer properties, legend, scale, north arrow, and other visual controls as demonstrated in the TatukGIS Editor/Viewer products.
  • Comprehensive for GIS application development.
  • Powerful styling and feature rendering based on scale and attributes.
  • Symbology based on CGM, images, and fonts.
  • Built-in 700+ SVG symbols library with highway and route shields.
  • Built-in line style editor for advanced line symbology and user-defined line styles.
  • TatukGIS Developer Kernel for .NET provides advanced labeling, including dynamic placement, follow-the-line, overlap avoidance, multi-field, and HTML formatting.
  • Almost the same API on all supported platforms, with differences due mainly to platform differences/limitations.
  • Extensive support for open standards, including GML and WFS, WMTS, and WMS services.
  • Printing includes predefined print templates and a template editor.
  • Using layer statistics to render maps and labels.
  • Exporting high-resolution complete map composition as an image file.
  • GPU-enhanced rendering (if supported by the operating system).
  • TatukGIS Developer Kernel for .NET offers Unicode support for all foreign language characters.
  • Flexible application user interface language selection.
  • Antialiased output for enhanced map rendering quality.
  • TatukGIS Developer Kernel for .NET includes vector and image layer data classification methods.
  • Choropleth maps, such as those created using classified data.
  • Layer statistics for all types of layers.
  • Color ramps for any layer (vector, grid, DEM).
  • Dynamic shape aggregation (binning, clustering, shape reduction) to simplify map presentation.
  • GPS tracking on a projected map, automap rotation, real-time GPS device emulator connectivity using NMEA standard.
  • Tracking layer support for high refresh rate.
  • Progressive rendering base maps (vector/image).
  • Vector operations and analysis, such as:
    • Shape creation, editing, splitting, merging, snapping, smoothing, simplifications, scaling, rotation,
    • Attribute querying, editing, creation,
    • Spatial querying based on DE-9IM topological model,
    • Shape topology testing for overlaps, inclusions, touches, etc., based on the DE-9IM model,
    • Area, length, and distance calculations,
    • Triangulation and Voronoi chart calculations,
    • Geocoding, reverse geocoding, and routing with persistent network support,
    • Virtual attribute fields that update dynamically (for labeling, section rendering, SQL queries).
  • TatukGIS Developer Kernel for .NET provides image and grid operations and analysis, such as:
    • Contouring, TIN, and point cloud-to-grid conversion,
    • Slope, Viewshed, Above-Ground-Level (AGL), and Fresnel zone analysis,
    • Vector-to-grid interpolation algorithms (Kriging, IDW, Splines), heat maps,
    • Terrain profile, query for all pixels along a line or multi-line for terrain profile,
    • Hydrology toolkit, including flow directions, flow accumulations, watersheds, stream order, and vectorization
    • Spatial querying against a line or polygon using the DE-9IM model,
    • Filters (morphological, dilation, threshold, gaussian, etc.),
    • Raster algebra, including per-pixel access, multiple channels, multiple layers, math formulas, use of statistics, conditional expressions, and layer merging to fill voids.
  • OpenCL enhanced the computation of time-consuming methods (such as Viewshed analysis). (Not applicable to DK.ASPNET; planned for DK.JAVA.)
  • Operation pipelining (simplified geoprocessing commands interpreter).
  • TatukGIS Developer Kernel for .NET offers support for 4K monitors when applicable.
  • 3D rendering of 2D, 3D, and extruded 2D shapes with digital elevation model support, aerial imagery draping over DEM layer, fly-over rendering, 3D “geological” maps, volumetric rendering in 3D, object texturing (not applicable for DK.ASPNET; planned for DK.JAVA).