Download Master Packager Pro v24.1.8774 + Portable Edition + CRACK (Create and Edit Microsoft Windows Installer)

Download Master Packager Pro v24.1.8774 + Portable Edition + CRACK (Create and Edit Microsoft Windows Installer)

Version: 24.1.8774
Product Release Date: January 9, 2024
Download Master Packager Pro V24.1.8774 + Portable Edition + Crack (Create And Edit Microsoft Windows Installer)
Master Packager Pro allows you to create MSI and MST files from scratch or modify Microsoft Windows installers.The user interface is easy to use and allows new and experienced packagers to start creating packages immediately.
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Master Packager Pro allows you to build MSI and MST files from scratch or alter Microsoft Windows installers. Master Packager Pro is fast; you will never see “not responding” text in the tool. Modifying large MSIs is easy, and the same goes for repackaging. Utilizing Master Packager Pro to improve quality, standardize naming, ICE validation, and .dll/.exe file registration mapping are just a few examples of how this tool will minimize human errors and enhance quality.

The user interface is simple and allows new and experienced packagers to start creating packages immediately. Capturing, building, and applying templates can be fully automated, making it possible to automate repackaging fully. Master Packager Pro makes it easy to work with your team; with one click from the tool, you can register a bug or make a feature suggestion.

Master Packager Pro

Create And Modify

Create MSI and MST files from scratch or modify Vendor Microsoft Windows installers.

  • Simple – Design that is created to be as friendly as possible. Self-explanatory user interface.
  • Fast – Master Packager Pro helps you work with MSIs having over 100 000 files or registries and experience impressive load time and UI responsiveness.
  • User interface – Don’t miss anything. The interface lets you use your display’s full potential – all menus in one or focus view.
  • Advanced Editor – View, edit, and create MSI files like a Master Packager. The editor enables beginners and pro packagers to do more with fewer clicks and no struggles.


Repackage extremely complex EXE installations to MSI with no or minimal modifications and full automation capabilities.

  • First Snapshot – Start by scanning your machine. It takes a couple of seconds.
  • Make changes – Install your EXE application or make other system changes. With Master Reapckager snapshots, you can do as many reboots as you need.
  • Second Snapshot – Scanning your machine a second time will allow Master Repackager to compare the first snapshot. File and registry difference in snapshots is what you are after.
  • Cleanup – Overview captured files and registries. Remove noise from the files and registries. Master Repackager exclusion list makes this process fast.
  • Build MSI or MSIX package. – Build the highest standard MSI or MSIX packages with Master Repackager. 

Master Wrapper

Create error-free PSAppDeployToolkit wrappers faster.

  • Wrap your installers – Wrap your installers into PowerShellAppDeployToolkit 4x faster and with no errors.
  • Standardize – Standardized installers with PowerShellAppDeployToolkit improve your package quality and are easier to maintain within your team.
  • Respect your target user – Configure the wrapper with the installation progress bar and custom message text, and even let your user postpone the installation. All that few clicks away.

Master Packager Pro

Master Packager Pro Features:

  • Table Editor
  • Table Filter
  • Search/Find and Replace
  • Hide empty tables
  • Edit table schema
  • Export/Import/Drop table
  • Online MSDN help
  • VBS/JScript Editor
  • Hex/Dec value Editor
  • Add predefined and custom tables
  • Tracking and cleaning changes in MSI and MST
  • Load/Save binaries
  • Build/Extract cab(s) from the Media table.
  • Table relationship tracing
  • ICE validation
  • Advanced value lookup
  • Sort modified cells to the top of the table
  • Validation warning/error sorting to the top of the table
  • Master Packager Pro provides a clean database function
  • Create/Apply/Remove Transform
  • Revert cell value to original
  • Cascade deletion
  • Paste Row(s) (Overwrite)
  • Advanced Editor
  • General Information
  • Uninstall or Change Program
  • Summary Information
  • File Editor
  • Registry Editor
  • Feature Editor
  • Shortcut Editor
  • INI Files Editor
  • Application Search Editor
  • Environment Variable Editor
  • Upgrade Editor
  • Merge Modules Editor
  • Custom Action Editor
  • Install Execute Sequence Editor
  • Services Editor
  • Service Control Editor
  • File Extensions Editor
  • Response Transform
  • Import ODBC Data Source
  • Templates
  • Predefined Custom Actions
  • Master Repackager
  • Multiple restart support
  • File and Registry exclusion list
  • Hard-coded path resolution
  • Extension capture
  • Registry Mapping
  • INI File capture
  • Environment variable capture
  • Shortcut capture
  • Service capture
  • Font capture
  • Service Control capture
  • ODBC data source and driver capture
  • File Extensions capture
  • Automatic Repackaging
  • Master Wrapper
  • Works offline
  • Priority Support