Download IronPDF v2024.1.20 + CRACK (Create, Edit, and Export PDF Documents)

Download IronPDF v2024.1.20 + CRACK (Create, Edit, and Export PDF Documents)

Version: 2024.1.20
Product Release Date: January 9, 2024
Download Ironpdf V2024.1.20 + Crack (Create, Edit, And Export Pdf Documents)
IronPDF for .NET allows developers to create PDF documents easily in C#, F#, and VB.Net for .NET Core and .NET Framework. You can choose simple HTML or incorporate CSS, images, and JavaScript. IronPDF rendering closely follows Google Chrome.
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IronPDF for .NET allows developers to create PDF documents quickly in C#, F#, and VB.Net for .NET Core and .NET Framework. You can use simple HTML or incorporate CSS, images, and JavaScript. IronPDF rendering closely follows Google Chrome.


IronPDF is the top C# PDF library for generating & editing PDFs. Its user-friendly API lets developers quickly provide professional, high-quality PDFs from HTML in .NET projects.

IronPDF Features:

Create PDF documents using:

  • HTML Strings and Templates.
  • ASPX WebForms.
  • MVC Views.
  • HTML documents.
  • Or from any URL.

HTML to PDF Supports:

  • IronPDF provides full and high-fidelity HTML 4 and HTML 5 rendering.
  • CSS 3.
  • JavaScript.
  • Image assets.
  • SVG assets.
  • Icon Fonts (Fontello, Bootstrap, FontAwesome).
  • Responsive layouts.
  • External stylesheets and assets (http https or filesystem).
  • Static and multithreaded rendering.
  • Loading URLS using custom:
    • Network login credentials.
    • UserAgents.
    • Proxies.
    • Cookies.
    • HTTP headers.
    • Form variables allow login behind HTML login forms.

HTML to PDF Settings

  • Set custom “base URL” or file paths, allowing asset files to be easily loaded from the file system or across the web.
  • Virtual Viewport (Width and Height) allows for responsive layouts.
  • Screen or Print CSS media types.
  • Convert HTML Forms to PDF forms.
    • Read-only or editable.
  • Load custom stylesheets programmatically.
  • Set output PDF resolution in DPI.
  • Set JPEG image quality.
  • Enable JavaScript support, including optional Render delays.
  • Custom page numbering.
  • Automatically scale HTML content to fit paper dimensions.
    • We are preserving text rendering quality.
  • Full Color and Grayscale PDF.
  • Accept HTML encoded in any major file encoding. Default to UTF-8.
  • Set PDF paper margins.
    • Set in mm or inches.
    • Supports zero-margin PDFs.
  • Create PDFs using any standard international paper size.
    • Support for custom sizing in mm or inches.
    • Paper orientations in landscape or portrait.
  • Enable or Disable HTML backgrounds from showing in PDFs.
  • Custom zoom.


  • ImagetoDataURI utility makes it easy to embed System. Drawing image objects into HTML strings.

ASPX to PDF (.NET Framework only)

  • Automatically render an ASPX webform as PDF in 3 lines of code. PDF documents may be set to download or display in the browser.

PDF Imaging

  • IronPDF makes it easy to work to convert PDF documents to and from Images.

Image To PDF

  • Convert any number of image files or Systems. Daring objects into a PDF in 1 line of code.

PDF to Image

  • Rasterize any or all PDF pages to Images.

Image Extraction

  • Extract embedded images from an existing PDF.

Image Support

  • BMP, JPEG, GIF, ONG, and TIFF Files.
  • System.Drawing Bitmap and Image Objects.

PDF Printing

  • Turn any PDF into a PrintDocument object.
  • Programmatically send PDFs to a Printer without Adobe.

PDF file IO

  • PDFs can be loaded or saved from Files, Binary Data, or MemoryStreams, including:
    • Load and save PDFs.
    • Support save and load using user and administrator passwords with 128-bit encryption.

PDF Signatures

  • Digitally sign a PDF or add additional signatures after editing.
    • Set Signature Images, Location, Metadata, Contact information, and Timestamps.
    • Verify PDF signatures.

Editing PDFs

  • IronPDF helps you Add, Edit, and Remove PDF Outlines / Bookmarks.
  • Add text annotations (sticky notes) programmatically to any PDF page.
  • Add foreground or background overlays from HTML or PDF assets.
  • Add HTML watermarks with opacity to any PDF.
  • Stamp new HTML Content onto any existing PDF page.
  • Add logical or HTML headers and footers to any PDF.
  • Merge and Join PDF pages.
  • Copy, Add, and Remove pages.
  • Rotate pages.
  • Edit MetaData, user permissions & PDF passwords.

PDF Content Extraction

  • Extract plain Text and Images from existing PDFs.

Headers and Footers

  • Headers and Footers can be added when a PDF is created or added to existing PDFs.

Logical Headers and Footers

  • Fonts size and Font Family.
  • Divider Lines.
  • Simple API using Center, Left, and Right text fields.

HTML Header Footers

  • IronPDF supports CSS, Images, and even JavaScript.
  • BaseUrl for loading assets from http, https, or file system.
  • Load or ignore CSS from the parent HTML document.

Headers and Footers support merged data, including:

  • Page numbers.
  • Page count.
  • Titles.
  • URL.
  • Time and date.

Generating PDFs

  • HTML to PDF:
    • HTML File to PDF
    • HTML String to PDF
    • URL to PDF
    • Razor to PDF
    • MVC View to PDF
    • ASPX to PDF (Framework only)
  • File Conversion:
    • PDF/A (Save as PDF/A-3b)
    • Image to PDF / PDF to Image
    • RTF to PDF
    • Markdown to PDF
  • Apply Settings:
    • Base 64 Encoding
    • Base URLs
    • Custom File Paths
  • Supports:
    • Website & System Logins
    • Cookies
    • HTTP Headers
    • Async & Multithreading

Formatting PDFs

  • Use HTML Assets:
    • HTML (5 and below)
    • CSS (Screen & Print)
    • Images (jpg, png, gif, tiff, svg, bmp)
    • JavaScript (+ Render Delays)
    • Fonts (Web & Icon)
  • Set View:
    • Responsive Layouts
    • Virtual Viewport & Zoom
  • Apply Templates:
    • Headers & Footers
    • Page Numbers
    • Page Breaks
  • Apply Page Settings:
    • Custom Paper Size
    • Orientation & Rotation
    • Margins (mm, inch, & zero)
    • Color & Grayscale
    • Resolution & JPEG Quality
  • International Languages:
    • UTF-8 HTML Encoding

Manipulating PDFs

  • Edit Documents:
    • Merge & Split PDFs
    • Add, Copy, & Delete Pages
    • PDF Metadata
    • Permissions & Passwords
    • Digital Signatures
    • Attachments
    • PDF Compression
  • Edit Content:
    • Text Find and Replace
    • Add New HTML Content
    • Add Headers & Footers
    • Stamp & Watermark
    • Backgrounds & Foregrounds
    • Add & Edit Annotations
    • Outlines & Bookmarks
  • Use Forms:
    • Create & Edit PDF Forms
    • Fill Existing PDF Forms
  • Apply Document Settings:
    • PDF Metadata
    • Permissions & Passwords
    • Digital Signatures
  • Print a PDF:
    • Print to a Physical Printer
  • Read a PDF:
    • Extract Text & Images