Download IDERA DB Change Manager v18.5.0 Build 3433 for Win x64 + Keygen (Automate Database Change Management)

Download IDERA DB Change Manager v18.5.0 Build 3433 for Win x64 + Keygen (Automate Database Change Management)

Version: 18.5.0
Product Release Date: November 28, 2023
Download Idera Db Change Manager V18.5.0 Build 3433 For Win X64 + Keygen (Automate Database Change Management)
IDERA DB Change Manager helps database administrators and developers simplify, automate, and report on database changes, streamline development cycles and ensure availability, performance, and compliance.
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IDERA DB Change Manager assists database administrators and developers in simplifying, automating, and reporting on database changes, streamlining development cycles, and ensuring availability, performance, and compliance. DB Change Manager’s compare, synchronization, and auditing capabilities allow you to monitor and report on changes, roll out new releases, and pinpoint performance problems resulting from data, schema, and database configuration changes.

Idera Db Change Manager

Administrators can quickly identify changes and correct issues by comparing a live database to a schema or configuration snapshot. And by monitoring configuration settings, DBAs can ensure compliance with regulatory policies, performance standards, and overall database performance. IDERA DB Change Manager automates, manages, and tracks complex schema changes for relational database platforms.

IDERA DB Change Manager supports multi-database platforms for major DBMSs from a single interface. This capability speeds up system access and translates DBA skills across platforms to reduce learning curves and errors. IDERA DB Change Manager includes support for all major relational database platforms (Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Azure SQL Database, Oracle Database, IBM Db2 LUW, SAP Sybase ASE, PostgreSQL, Pivotal Greenplum, and Amazon Redshift) from a single common graphical user interface.

IDERA DB Change Manager Features:

  • Quickly roll out and reconcile database changes
  • Reveal, track, and report on database changes
  • Comply with database audit and reporting requirements
  • Protect data privacy within the database environment
  • Track changes from multiple major database platforms
  • Compare Live Schema Objects.
  • Compare Archive Snapshots of Schema Objects.
  • Generate ALTER, CREATE, and DROP.DDL scripts for selected schema differences.
  • The command line interface allows users to automate tracking and reporting on database changes.
  • Provide schema change reports in multiple formats (.csv, .xml, .html, .pdf, .rtf).
  • Data Compare assists in comparing, synchronizing, and validating user data.
  • Generate DML scripts for INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE operations detected during data comparison.
  • Audit and Compliance reporting for database configuration properties.
  • Integration with industry-standard version control providers.
  • Deep native schema object and data comparison functionality.