Download Groupdocs.Classification for .NET v21.1.0 + CRACK (Intelligent Text Classification in C#)

Download Groupdocs.Classification for .NET v21.1.0 + CRACK (Intelligent Text Classification in C#)

Version: 21.1.0
Product Release Date: January 20, 2021
Download Groupdocs.classification For .Net V21.1.0 + Crack (Intelligent Text Classification In C#)
Solve a wide variety of business issues using Groupdocs.Classification for .NET. We provide a fully automated text and document classification tool that can help you to save a lot of time processing heterogeneous, unordered text data.
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Groupdocs.Classification provides the developer with functions for classifying texts and documents programmatically. Text classification is the process of computational linguistics that consists of assigning a text or document to one of several predefined categories based on its content. Automatic text classification can be used to organize text materials into thematic catalogs, pre-process and analyze customer feedback on services and products, show clients more relevant advertising, fight spam, etc.


Groupdocs.Classification supports several types of taxonomies: IAB-2, Document, and Sentiment. Different classification types have different features, and having support for a variety of taxonomies will allow you to perform more effectively using textual data within C#:

  • IAB-2 – taxonomy lets you detect the following categories of content: Automotive, Books and Literature, Business and Finance, Careers, Education, Events and Attractions, Family and Relationships, Fine Art, Food and Drink, Healthy Living, Hobbies and Interests, Home and Garden, Medical Health, Movies, Music and Audio, News and Politics, Personal Finance, Pets, Pop Culture, Real Estate, Religion and Spirituality, Science, Shopping, Sports, Style and Fashion, Technology and Computing, Television, Travel, Video Gaming.
  • Sentiment Analysis. Groupdocs.Classification – allows you to detect the sentiment of the text. Sentiment analysis is the task of computational linguistics, which consists of determining the text’s emotional coloring. You can use 2-class (Negative/Positive) and 3-class (Negative/Neutral/Positive) sentiment classification.
  • Document Taxonomy – When classifying documents using ‘Document Taxonomy,’ the following types can be detected: Advertising, Brochures, E-Mail, Letters, Memorandum, News, Articles, Invoices, Reports, Abstracts, Scientific Articles, and others.