Free Download Apple macOS Sonoma v14.2.1 (23C71) Multilingual + VMWare Edition (Come for the Power, Stay for the Fun)

Free Download Apple macOS Sonoma v14.2.1 (23C71) Multilingual + VMWare Edition (Come for the Power, Stay for the Fun)

Version: 14.2.1
Product Release Date: December 19, 2023
Free Download Apple Macos Sonoma V14.2.1 (23C71) Multilingual + Vmware Edition (Come For The Power, Stay For The Fun)
Apple macOS Sonoma is a groundbreaking operating system that seamlessly blends power and entertainment, elevating the Mac user experience to unprecedented heights. With stunning new features and enhancements, Sonoma transforms the way users engage with their devices.
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Experience unparalleled power and endless fun with Apple macOS Sonoma. Elevate your Mac experience with stunning new screen savers featuring slow-motion visuals of breathtaking locations seamlessly transitioning into your desktop wallpaper. The all-new Widgets on Desktop feature allows you to add widgets from a gallery, including iPhone widgets, through Continuity, creating a personalized and interactive desktop experience.

Apple Macos Sonoma

In video conferencing, Apple macOS Sonoma introduces the Presenter Overlay, keeping you front and center during screen sharing with options for large or small overlays. Express yourself with 3D augmented reality reactions, adding a touch of fun to your virtual interactions. The Play section brings enhanced screen-sharing capabilities, ensuring you can effortlessly share apps during video calls.

Safari and Passwords take a leap forward with profile creation for separate browsing experiences, faster and more relevant search suggestions, and the integration of web apps into your Dock. Share passwords securely with trusted contacts and enjoy an enhanced Private Browsing experience.

Messages in Apple macOS Sonoma now offer search filters, catch-up arrows for quicker navigation, and a new way to share and view locations. The PDFs and Notes section introduces AutoFill for quicker document completion, the ability to flip through PDFs directly in Notes, and linking related notes for better organization.

The Keyboard receives upgrades with even more accurate autocorrect and the introduction of Game Mode, prioritizing gaming performance for an immersive experience. The Privacy and Security features of Apple macOS Sonoma include Communication Safety, Sensitive Content Warning, and an expanded Lockdown Mode for heightened security against cyber threats.

Apple macOS Sonoma brings an array of additional features, including Accessibility updates like Personal Voice and Made for iPhone hearing device integration, high-performance Screen Sharing mode, improved Reminders, Mail enhancements, Visual Look Up for photos and videos, and much more. Elevate your Mac experience with the latest advancements in technology and entertainment.

Apple Macos Sonoma

Apple macOS Sonoma Features:

  • Stunning Screen Savers: Enjoy new slow-motion screen savers showcasing breathtaking global locations. These seamlessly become your desktop wallpaper upon login, providing a visually captivating experience.
  • Desktop Widgets: Access a variety of widgets directly on your desktop, with the ability to add iPhone widgets through Continuity. Widgets fade when using apps or windows, ensuring better focus on your tasks.
  • Video Conferencing Enhancements: The Presenter Overlay keeps you at the center of virtual conversations during screen sharing. React with 3D augmented reality effects, adding a fun and dynamic element to your video calls.
  • Screen Sharing and Play: Easily share apps during video calls with the new Screen Sharing picker. Control your video composition using Studio Display or iPhone as your camera, ensuring you stay in the frame during calls.
  • Safari and Passwords Upgrade: Create separate profiles for Work and Personal browsing in Safari. Enjoy faster and more relevant search suggestions, and use any website like an app by adding web apps to your Dock. Securely share passwords with trusted contacts.
  • Message Improvements: Find messages faster with search filters, catch up easily with a new arrow feature, and share and view locations directly within your conversations. The new sticker drawer keeps all your Live Stickers and Memoji in one place.
  • PDFs and Notes Enhancements: Utilize Enhanced AutoFill to complete PDFs faster, flip through full-width PDFs in Notes, and link related notes for better organization. Seamlessly transition work from Notes to Pages for more comprehensive document creation.
  • Keyboard Upgrades: Experience even more accurate autocorrect with temporary underlining of corrected words. Introducing Game Mode, prioritizing gaming performance on your Mac for a more immersive gaming experience.
  • Privacy and Security Features: Communication Safety protects sensitive videos and photos across Messages and a systemwide photo picker. Blur sensitive content before viewing and enjoy improved control over permissions. Lockdown Mode enhances overall security against cyber threats.
  • Additional Features:
    • Accessibility Advances: Personal Voice and Made for iPhone hearing devices integration.
    • Screen Sharing High-Performance Mode: Tap into the full power of your Mac remotely.
    • Reminders and Mail Updates: Improved organization and enhanced search capabilities.
    • Visual Look Up: Find information and recipes from photos and paused video frames.
    • Find My Enhancements: Apple macOS Sonoma helps you share AirTag or Find My Network Accessories with others.
    • Home Improvements: Activity History and Grid Forecast for enhanced smart home management.
    • AirPods Efficiency: Apple macOS Sonoma now provides faster device switching and quick mute/unmute options.
    • Music Collaboration: Invite friends to join playlists and react with emojis in Now Playing.
    • Dictation and Siri Enhancements: Fluid transition between Dictation and typing and Siri activation with just “Siri.”