Download Element-IT HTTP Commander AJS v7.5.4 + CRACK (A Web-Based File Manager Since 2002)

Download Element-IT HTTP Commander AJS v7.5.4 + CRACK (A Web-Based File Manager Since 2002)

Version: 7.5.4
Product Release Date: November 1, 2023
Download Element-It Http Commander Ajs V7.5.4 + Crack (A Web-Based File Manager Since 2002)
Element-IT HTTP Commander AJS provides a viewing function and the ability to edit documents, tables, and presentations online using only a browser. It can be integrated with the leading online editing services.
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Element-IT HTTP Commander AJS is a web-based file manager known since 2002 and utilized by over 100,000 end users. It is designed to allow fast and easy integration of website functionality with the sharing and management of files and documents on a Windows server via a web browser over the net. It’s a web server-based file-sharing and management solution – the ideal alternative to FTP, WebDav, Sharepoint, etc. Users can work remotely with personal or shared folders and edit documents online stored on the server. Users can work from their home PC, inside their office, class, or smartphone (with only a web browser).

Element-It Http Commander Ajs

It is designed for Microsoft networks and can be utilized on the Windows web server as a standalone application or integrated into any website. It supports all major browsers and OS on the client side.
With Element-IT HTTP Commander AJS, you can manage downloads on your website and share any documents and files with visitors.
Web file explorer HTTP Commander supports both Forms and Windows authentication (Basic or NTLM authentication for Active Directory users).

Element-It Http Commander Ajs

Element-IT HTTP Commander AJS Features:

  • Familiar and user-friendly Windows Explorer-like interface.Element-IT HTTP Commander AJS allows users to access the remote files and folders with only a browser. Users of Windows Explorer and other similar file managers can quickly start working with the Element-IT HTTP Commander AJS interface. The basic operations with files are available: create, copy, move, delete, rename, a preview of details, list sorting, and search. Several files view modes available: detailed lis, tiles, and thumbnails view mode.
  • Viewing and editing documents online.Element-IT HTTP Commander AJS offers a viewing function and the ability to edit documents, tables, and presentations online using only a browser. It can be integrated with the leading online editing services, such as Google Docs, Microsoft Office 365, and ONLYOFFICE, and provide an interface to edit documents stored within HTTP Commander. Users do not need to download the desktop Office apps to work with documents.
  • Integration with cloud storageElement-IT HTTP Commander AJS can be easily integrated with popular cloud storage like Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Box. If the user has an account in any cloud storage, he can quickly transfer files and folders between HTTP Commander and his cloud storage.
  • Collaborate edit of office documentsElement-IT HTTP Commander AJS supports a real-time collaborative editing feature (showing all changes instantly for all users) with the ONLYOFFICE suite. Commenting and built-in chat, reviewing, and tracking changes are available ONLYOFFICE. See it in action in the video. HTTP Commander supports joint work on documents in desktop MS Office. A user, who has opened a document first, can save changes. Other users can make changes to the document but cannot save it until the first user closes it. Once the document lock is removed (that means that the first user closed the document), then other users will receive a notification that the document is available for editing. All the changes will be automatically loaded. Thus, no changes will be lost: either made by the first user or by other users.
  • Online video and audio files play. – Users can watch videos and listen to music without downloading files. Element-IT HTTP Commander AJS supports video/audio streaming and video scrolling.
  • Supporting desktop MS Office and OpenOffice / LibreofficeElement-IT HTTP Commander AJS allows you to open remote documents directly from a browser in the desktop MS Office or OpenOffice / LibreOffice suits. The Users do not need to download documents manually and then manually upload them back after modification. Element-IT HTTP Commander AJS implements WebDAV protocol, with the help of which the documents are automatically uploaded and stored on the server by office applications. At the same time, being edited, the document is locked for other users.
  • Sharing documents and folders between the users.Element-IT HTTP Commander AJS offers two file and folder sharing types: internal links for users with accounts in the Element-IT HTTP Commander AJS and public links for everyone (no registration required). There are a lot of fine-tuning options available for public links: password protection with a password policy, configurable permissions to view, download, and upload files, support of URL shorteners, receiving notifications about activities on the public link, and limited access to specific users.
  • Viewing pictures and online editorElement-IT HTTP Commander AJS is convenient for storing and managing image files. Thumbnails view mode allows you to quickly find the right images, even when a slow Internet connection is used. Built-in image editor allows basic operations on image files: crop, rotate, and flip.
  • Supporting mapping web folders and WebDAV – Users can map folders available in Element-IT HTTP Commander AJS and work with them in Windows Explorer/MAC OS Finder. Changes made in the files are immediately sent to the server. Users can edit their documents in any desktop applications that support WebDAV protocol, e.g., MS Office and OpenOffice/LibreOffice.
  • Convenient ways to upload/download files. – Element-IT HTTP Commander AJS supports drag-n-drop of files and folders. They also can be selected with a regular “browse” dialog and pasted from the clipboard (including screenshots or images). Files can be larger than 2 GB, and there are no limitations on file size for upload and download. It’s also possible to download several files at once. To download multiple folders or nested structures of files, there is a ‘zip and download’ function – automatic compression of the selected folders/files into a zip archive and downloading. Zip files are created on the fly; no temporary files are stored on the server.
  • Mobile interface for Smartphones and tablets.Element-IT HTTP Commander AJS has a special Mobile User Interface adopted for devices with a small screen. However, it provides the same functionality as the UI for laptops and PCs.
  • Comments, Labels, and Files Details. – Users can write comments and set labels on files and folders. Comments, labels, and other metadata (which can be configured by the administrator) are stored in NTFS streams: it is a built-in technology of Windows NTFS File System. Therefore metadata won’t be lost if the file/folder is moved or copied, even if this action is performed not in the HTTP Commander application.
  • Zip/Unzip compressionElement-IT HTTP Commander AJS supports compression and decompression of files and folders. With the help of this function, you can reduce the size of data held on the drive and speed up downloading/uploading process. Zip compression can also upload and download complex nested files and folder structures. HTTP Commander supports zip-on-the-fly, so it is easy to select files/folders and have them downloaded in a single zip file without temp file creation.
  • Multilingual interface.Element-IT HTTP Commander AJS offers an interface translated into more than 40 languages. A human translates the main languages. Less commonly used languages are machine translated. Administrators can adjust any localization and change the contents of the user’s help.
  • Online viewer for 2d and 3d models (Autodesk 360)Element-IT HTTP Commander AJS can be integrated with Autodesk 360 online viewer. You need only a browser to view more than 50 types of 3D models.
  • Synchronization of the HTTP Commander folder with a folder on your local computer. – HTTP Commander supports WebDAV protocol widely used for files and folder sync. Users can install any third-party software (like CyberDuck, GoodSync, etc.) to automatically synchronize remote folders (from HTTP Commander) with a local folder on their laptop/PC.
  • Comfortable Admin Panel – HTTP Commander offers a comfortable admin panel with rich functionality. Administrators can change and tune almost any aspect of Element-IT HTTP Commander AJS. Admin Panel provides an easy way to change settings, manage shared folders and their permissions, manage users and groups, and view user activities log. Additionally, Element-IT HTTP Commander AJS allows granting of some administrator privileges to other users.
  • Trash – The trash allows you to delete files and folders with the possibility of restoring them afterward. If you accidentally delete an important document, you can quickly restore it from the trash. The administrator can flexibly configure the lifetime of the files in the trash and their maximum size.
  • Integration with Azure AD – HTTP Commander can be configured to work with Microsoft Azure Active Directory. It allows existing Azure AD users to authenticate in the Element-IT HTTP Commander AJS. And allows the assignment of folders in the admin panel to the groups or users from the Azure AD. In case when hybrid Azure AD configuration is used, it is possible to configure end-user impersonation and use existing NTFS permissions on folders.
  • Recent – Recent documents. All documents you have recently worked with will be collected in one place. It allows you to quickly find the document you recently viewed, even if you do not remember where it is. For your convenience, the grouping according to the type of action with documents is available (viewing, editing, downloading, uploading, creation).
    Files automatically go to the “Recent” folder; no other actions are required.
  • Modifications monitoring – Modifications monitoring. Users can monitor all the modifications that occur with a particular file or all files and subfolders in the directory. Any user (if the administrator enables the feature) can subscribe for tracking changes to a file or a folder, choose what actions should be tracked (downloading, copying, deleting, etc.), make a list of users whose actions should be tracked, and specify e-mail addresses, where the notifications about new events will come.
    Users can view all events in the interface of the application and receive the report by e-mail.
  • Search – Integration with the built-in Windows Search Service allows using indexed search, which significantly accelerates the search for files and folders and full-text search in documents. You can search by the contents of popular document formats such as DOC, DOCX, XLS, PPTP, and others. The search on network drives is also much faster when using the WSS Service.