Download Winsoft ADOX Component Suite v5.3 for Delphi & CB 5-12 Full Source (Integrate With the Microsoft ADOX Library)

Download Winsoft ADOX Component Suite v5.3 for Delphi & CB 5-12 Full Source (Integrate With the Microsoft ADOX Library)

Version: 5.3
Download Winsoft Adox Component Suite V5.3 For Delphi & Cb 5-12 Full Source (Integrate With The Microsoft Adox Library)
Winsoft ADOX Component Suite seamlessly integrates with the Microsoft ADOX library, empowering developers to effortlessly create, modify, and delete schema objects within their database applications.
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The Winsoft ADOX Component Suite is a comprehensive set of components designed for Delphi and C++ Builder (version 5 to 12) as well as Lazarus 2.2.6, facilitating the creation, modification, and deletion of schema objects within a database. Leveraging the Microsoft ADOX library, this suite empowers developers with direct access to ADOX objects, streamlining the management of tables, views, procedures, and user/group permissions.

Winsoft Adox Component Suite

Whether building new database applications or enhancing existing ones, the Winsoft ADOX Component Suite streamlines database management tasks, offering a robust and developer-friendly solution for schema object manipulation and security management.

Winsoft ADOX Component Suite Features:

  • Schema Object Management: Effortlessly create, modify, and delete tables, views, procedures, and other schema objects within your database.
  • Security Management: Seamlessly handles security aspects by granting and revoking permissions to users and groups, ensuring robust data protection.
  • ADOX Integration: Harness the power of the ActiveX Data Objects Extensions for Data Definition Language and Security (ADOX) to enhance your database operations.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Compatible with Delphi and C++ Builder versions 5 through 12 and Lazarus 2.2.6, providing flexibility for various development environments.
  • Source Code Inclusion: The registered version includes access to the source code, empowering developers to customize and extend functionality according to their needs.
  • Royalty-Free Distribution: Enjoy the freedom to distribute the components seamlessly within your applications without incurring additional royalty fees.