Download JAM Software ShellBrowser .NET Components v7.0.0.343 + CRACK (Native Explorer Shell Controls for . NET)

Download JAM Software ShellBrowser .NET Components v7.0.0.343 + CRACK (Native Explorer Shell Controls for . NET)

Product Release Date: September 4, 2023
Download Jam Software Shellbrowser .Net Components V7.0.0.343 + Crack (Native Explorer Shell Controls For . Net)
JAM Software ShellBrowser .NET Components presents a robust and versatile toolkit for developers seeking a seamless and feature-rich integration of Windows functionality into their applications.
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JAM Software ShellBrowser .NET Components presents a comprehensive suite of meticulously crafted components tailored for seamless integration with Visual Studio. JAM Software ShellBrowser .NET Components comprises visual and non-visual controls, all meticulously based on the .NET Framework Controls and exclusively composed in 100% C# code. This deliberate design choice not only ensures the robustness of the components but also eliminates the need for additional DLLs or ActiveX controls, streamlining and simplifying the user development process.

Jam Software Shellbrowser .Net Components

Within visual controls, the JAM Software ShellBrowser .NET Components shine. The ShellTreeView faithfully replicates the hierarchical structure found in the left pane of Windows Explorer. At the same time, the ShellListView empowers developers with a customizable representation of the right pane, allowing them to tailor the display of folder contents to precise specifications. Going beyond, the ExplorerBrowser component elevates the user experience by seamlessly integrating a complete Windows Explorer environment within the application, facilitating the incorporation of a wide array of features.

The visual component lineup extends to include an array of controls such as ShellSearchEdit, ShellComboBox, ShellAddressBar, ShellFilePreview, ThumbnailImage, FileList, DriveList, PathEdit, and ShellHistoryToolStrip. Each of these controls serves a unique purpose, ranging from providing search functionality and breadcrumb-style navigation to offering file content previews and displaying thumbnail images, meticulously mimicking the behavior of the esteemed Windows Explorer.

Complementing these visual controls are non-visual components that significantly enhance the overall functionality and efficiency of the application. The ShellBrowser component of JAM Software ShellBrowser .NET Components, operating as a non-visual entity, empowers developers to seamlessly browse the Windows shell namespace, query essential information about shell objects, and execute context menu operations. Meanwhile, the ShellControlConnector of JAM Software ShellBrowser .NET Components synchronizes visual shell controls, including ShellTreeView, ShellListView, DriveList, and ThumbnailImage, ensuring a harmonized and cohesive user experience. The ShellChangeNotifier component diligently keeps applications informed about shell and file system changes, such as copy, move, or delete operations.

The inclusion of specialized controls, exemplified by the ControlPanelTaskDialog, further demonstrates the versatility of JAM Software ShellBrowser .NET Components. This particular control simplifies the execution of specific tasks directly from the Windows Control Panel, providing an added convenience for users who frequently access administrative tools.

In essence, JAM Software ShellBrowser .NET Components presents a robust and versatile toolkit for developers seeking a seamless and feature-rich integration of Windows functionality into their applications. With its diverse array of visual and non-visual controls, this suite empowers developers to create applications that harness the full power of the Windows shell without the inherent complexities associated with p/invoking Windows APIs and COM Objects. JAM Software ShellBrowser .NET Components stands as a testament to efficient and elegant application development.

Jam Software Shellbrowser .Net Components

JAM Software ShellBrowser .NET Components Features:

  • Visual Controls:
    • ShellTreeView: Replicates the left pane of Windows Explorer, displaying the shell namespace in a tree structure.
    • ShellListView: Customizable representation of folder contents, mirroring the right pane of Windows Explorer.
    • ExplorerBrowser: Provides a complete Windows Explorer experience, seamlessly integrating a wide range of features into applications.
  • Search and Navigation:
    • ShellSearchEdit: Includes a search edit field similar to Windows Explorer, connecting to ShellList or ExplorerBrowser for defining search scope.
    • ShellComboBox: Creates a fully configurable Windows Explorer combo box for shell objects.
    • ShellAddressBar: Mimics the breadcrumb bar from Windows File Explorer, facilitating intuitive navigation.
    • ShellHistoryToolBar: Adds a navigatable browsing history and back and forward navigation buttons.
  • File and Folder Handling:
    • ShellFilePreview: Allows users to preview file content without opening files, connecting to IPreviewHandlers.
    • ThumbnailImage: Displays thumbnail images of files or folders using the same API calls as Windows Explorer.
    • FileList: Collects files or folders in a list, aiding in search operations.
    • DriveList: Compiles a list of local and network drives, displaying capacity and free disk space.
  • Path Management:
    • PathEdit: Enables users to enter or browse file/folder paths in a dialog, enhancing user interaction.
  • Browsing History and Navigation:
    • ShellHistoryToolStrip: Integrates a browsing history and back/forward navigation buttons, familiar from Windows Explorer.
  • Dialogs:
    • ControlPanelTaskDialog: Facilitates the execution of single tasks from the Windows Control Panel, providing shortcuts to administrative tools.
  • Non-Visual Components:
    • ShellBrowser: Allows browsing the Windows shell namespace, querying shell object information, and performing context menu operations.
    • ShellControlConnector: Synchronizes visual shell controls, ensuring a harmonized user experience.
    • ShellChangeNotifier: Informs about changes (e.g., copy, move, delete) in the shell and file system.
  • Language and Framework Integration:
    • Written entirely in 100% C# code, eliminating the need for additional DLLs or ActiveX controls.
    • Seamless integration with Visual Studio, leveraging the power of the .NET Framework Controls.