Download DIHtmlParser v8.3.0 for Delphi 11-12 Athens + CRACK (Parse, Analyze, and Manipulate HTML, XHTML, and XML Documents)

Download DIHtmlParser v8.3.0 for Delphi 11-12 Athens + CRACK (Parse, Analyze, and Manipulate HTML, XHTML, and XML Documents)

Version: 8.3.0
Product Release Date: November 22, 2023
Download Dihtmlparser V8.3.0 For Delphi 11-12 Athens + Crack (Parse, Analyze, And Manipulate Html, Xhtml, And Xml Documents)
DIHtmlParser combines efficiency, flexibility, and customization to provide Delphi developers with a robust solution for handling and manipulating HTML, XHTML, and XML documents in a variety of scenarios.
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DIHtmlParser serves as an indispensable component suite for Delphi developers, providing a robust set of tools for parsing, analyzing, and manipulating HTML, XHTML, and XML documents. Its comprehensive Unicode support, accommodating either UnicodeString or WideString depending on the Delphi version, ensures compatibility with diverse character sets, allowing seamless integration into a variety of projects.


Efficiency is a hallmark of DIHtmlParser, as it exhibits exceptional speed even when handling substantial files. Leveraging an internal buffer mechanism, the parser reads data in small chunks, minimizing memory requirements and making it adept at parsing even on older processors. The “Smart Parsing” strategy further contributes to efficiency by processing only the necessary data, optimizing performance across a range of processing tasks.

The parser’s ability to recognize and categorize various HTML and non-HTML pieces provides developers with fine-grained control over the parsing process. From CData Sections to PHP markup, DIHtmlParser can intelligently process and extract information from different elements of web documents. This recognition extends to HTML tags, Comments, Document Type Definitions, and more, allowing for a nuanced approach to parsing.

The feature of individual tag filtering is particularly noteworthy, enabling developers to tailor the parsing process to specific needs. For instance, by instructing the parser to report only tags, the application can streamline its focus, disregarding irrelevant tags and optimizing the overall parsing workflow. This customization capability extends further with the integration of plugins, allowing developers to run concurrent parsing processes with specific requirements.

In essence, DIHtmlParser stands out as a versatile and efficient solution, offering Delphi developers the tools they need for sophisticated HTML document manipulation. Whether dealing with large files or specific tag requirements, the parser’s capabilities, speed, and flexibility make it a valuable asset in the toolkit of developers working with Delphi environments.

DIHtmlParser Features:

  • Full Unicode Support: The parser supports both UnicodeString and WideString, adapting to the Delphi version. This ensures compatibility with a wide range of character sets, promoting internationalization in applications.
  • Character Set Compatibility: DIHtmlParser reads and writes over 70 character sets natively, independent of the operating system. With the assistance of DIConverters, it supports more than 150 character sets, enhancing its versatility in handling diverse encoding formats.
  • Flexible Data Sources: The parser operates seamlessly on various data sources, including TStreams, memory buffers, or strings. This flexibility allows developers to integrate DIHtmlParser into different parts of their applications based on specific needs.
  • Piece Recognition: DIHtmlParser intelligently recognizes and processes ten pieces of HTML, such as CData Sections, Comments, Document Type Definitions (DOCTYPE), HTML Processing Instructions, HTML-Tags (including Start Tags, End Tags, and Empty Element Tags), Scripts, Styles, Text, Titles, and XML Processing Instructions. Additionally, it handles four pieces of Non-HTML content: ASP, Custom-Tags, PHP, and SSI.
  • Parsing Efficiency: Leveraging an internal buffer mechanism, DIHtmlParser achieves remarkable parsing efficiency. It can parse up to 50,000 tags per second, even on older processors, and handles over 15 MB of HTML data per second on modern machines.
  • Smart Parsing: The parser employs a “Smart Parsing” strategy, processing only the necessary data and skipping irrelevant pieces of HTML. This approach optimizes performance by reducing the amount of data that needs to be stored and processed.
  • Individual Tag Filtering: DIHtmlParser allows developers to filter specific tags, directing the parser to report only the tags relevant to the application. This feature enhances optimization by eliminating the need for the application to handle unwanted tags.
  • Plugin Architecture: The inclusion of plugins extends customization capabilities, enabling the parser to run multiple parsing processes concurrently. Each plugin features flexible filtering mechanisms, informing the parser about its requirements in advance and ensuring that only necessary parsing is performed.