Download Devart dbForge SQL Complete v6.15.20.0 + CRACK (An Advanced IntelliSense-Style Code Completion Add-in for SSMS and VS)

Download Devart dbForge SQL Complete v6.15.20.0 + CRACK (An Advanced IntelliSense-Style Code Completion Add-in for SSMS and VS)

Product Release Date: December 28, 2023
Download Devart Dbforge Sql Complete V6.15.20.0 + Crack (An Advanced Intellisense-Style Code Completion Add-In For Ssms And Vs)
Devart dbForge SQL Complete provides a wide range of code completion features that relieve users from memorizing long and complex object names, column names, SQL operators, etc.
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Devart dbForge SQL Complete is an advanced SQL database development, management, and administration solution. The tool is available as an add-in for Visual Studio and SSMS and has excellent autocompletion capabilities.

With Devart dbForge SQL Complete, you can write, beautify, and refactor your SQL code and dramatically boost your productivity using the features included in SQL Complete but unavailable in SSMS and Visual Studio IntelliSense.

Devart Dbforge Sql Complete

Devart dbForge SQL Complete includes a wide range of code completion features that help users to avoid memorizing long and complex object names, column names, SQL operators, etc. Instead, Devart dbForge SQL Complete allows concentrating on writing high-quality SQL code with correct formatting that is easy to understand and interpret.

Devart dbForge SQL Complete Features:

  • The context-sensitive suggestion of keywords
  • Devart dbForge SQL Complete offers context-sensitive object suggestions.
  • Context-sensitive object suggestions for T-SQL code, DDL, and security statements
  • Context-sensitive object suggestions for common table expressions (CTE)
  • Context-sensitive object suggestions in SQLCMD mode
  • Name suggestions for objects on linked servers
  • Devart dbForge SQL Complete provides sorting suggested keywords by relevance.
  • JOIN clause auto-generation
  • Disable/Enable Code Completion
  • Execute current statement
  • Execute to cursor
  • Go to the definition for database objects.
  • Decrypt encrypted objects
  • Highlight occurrences of identifiers
  • Highlight BEGIN and END
  • Highlight BEGIN TRY/END TRY
  • Highlight CASE and END
  • Highlight COLUMNS and VALUES in the INSERT statement
  • Navigation between queries
  • Navigation between BEGIN and END
  • Navigation between BEGIN TRY/END TRY
  • Navigation between BEGIN CATCH/END CATCH
  • Navigation between CASE и END
  • Navigation between brackets
  • Navigation to a label
  • Navigation between COLUMNS and VALUES in the INSERT statement
  • Generation of the CREATE/ALTER script for server objects
  • Execution warnings
  • Execution notifications
  • Transaction reminder
  • Generate CRUD
  • Inline EXEC
  • Convert EXEC to Script
  • Phrase completion
  • Semi-transparent view of the suggestion box
  • Auto-generation of table aliases
  • Custom alias mapping
  • Column picker for quick list building
  • Wildcard expansion
  • INSERT, EXEC, ALTER, and UPDATE statements expansion
  • Generate Script As from the SSMS data grid
  • Copy Data As from SSMS grid to Excel, CSV
  • Grid Aggregates
  • Data visualizers
  • Find in Results Grid
  • SQL snippets
  • Custom SSMS main window title
  • Restore the last closed tab
  • Restore the last document session
  • Close unmodified tabs
  • Tab Coloring
  • Executed SQL Statements History
  • Run script on multiple databases
  • Document Outline window
  • Recently closed documents
  • Exclude databases from the suggestion
  • Refactoring aliases and custom alias mapping
  • Renaming objects and variables
  • Finding invalid objects
  • Enclosing needed identifiers in square brackets
  • Semicolon insertion
  • T-SQL Debugger
  • Highlight occurrences of an identifier
  • Pair highlighting
  • Named regions
  • The highlight matching columns in the INSERT statement
  • Column name in the values area for the INSERT statement
  • Parameter information for functions
  • Quick object information
  • Rows Count information
  • ON condition suggestion for JOIN
  • Reverse ON condition suggestion for JOIN
  • SQL formatting with a wide set of options and customizable formatting styles
  • Formatting in files and directories
  • Disable formatting for a certain block of code (no format tag)
  • Database identifier case synchronization
  • Individual word recognition in CamelCase identifiers
  • Adjust keyword case on typing
  • SQL formatting command-line interface
  • Automatically format completed statement on a delimiter.
  • Automatically format on paste
  • Database letter case coherence