Download Axolot XLSReadWriteII v6.01.17 Full Source (A Complete Solution for Working with MS Excel Files)

Download Axolot XLSReadWriteII v6.01.17 Full Source (A Complete Solution for Working with MS Excel Files)

Version: 6.01.17
Product Release Date: August 19, 2023
Download Axolot Xlsreadwriteii V6.01.17 Full Source (A Complete Solution For Working With Ms Excel Files)
Axolot XLSReadWriteII uses its memory manager that is optimized for storing cell values. This means that you can work with larger files. A Direct Read and Direct Write mode lets you process files on the disc if your files still will not fit in memory.
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Axolot XLSReadWriteII provides native access to Excel files. The user doesn’t require to have Excel or any other software installed.

Axolot XLSReadWriteII utilizes its memory manager, designed for storing cell values. This means that you can work with larger files. A Direct Read and Direct Write mode allows you to to process files on the disc if your files still do not fit in memory.

Axolot Xlsreadwriteii

Stability. One of the main objectives of Axolot XLSReadWriteII was to develop a product that won’t corrupt the Excel files and won’t alter any data in the file. Our specially designed tool automatically builds the engine that handles XLSX files directly from the file format specifications. This will ensure the highest compatibility.

The component has no running time fees, and the full source code is included.

The initial version of Axolot XLSReadWriteII was in 1998. It was the only component that could read and write Excel 97+ files at that time. We also aim to have the leading Excel solution for Delphi.

Axolot XLSReadWriteII Features:

Read and write any cell value…

  • Numeric, string, boolean, and error cells.
  • Read cell values as a string formatted according to the rules of the cell.
  • Full support for formulas. You can use the same functions as in Excel. Formulas with references to external workbooks are supported as well. You can even read the result from an external reference.
  • Cells are accessed like the TStringGrid that comes with Delphi or by giving the cell as a string, like: ‘D7’.


  • Axolot XLSReadWriteII is designed with optimal performance in mind. Performance is essential as Excel 2007+ files permit up to 16,000 x 1,000,000 cells.
  • Read and write speed of Excel 2007+ files at least twice as fast as Excel. As these files are compressed XML files, the decompressor and XML parser must be fast.
  • Due to the fact that pre-Excel 2007 files are binary files, these files are read and written much faster.
  • Axolot XLSReadWriteII uses its memory manager. Memory usage shall not be more than half of what Excel uses, and most times, it’s much less than that.

Format the cells as you want…

  • Formatting is easy. By addressing the cell, you can access the formatting properties for it. Example:
    XLSReadWriteII.Sheet[n].Cell[Col,Row].FontSize := 12;
  • Support for all Excel formatting options.
  • Axolot XLSReadWriteII has objects for formatting a worksheet in the same way as the Excel Format Cells dialog. You can format cells or areas of cells in the same way as Excel.
  • Use merged cells.

Access all printing options…

  • Select the paper size, and set margins.
  • Define printing areas.
  • Set page.
  • Set header and footer, including formatting codes.

XLSReadWriteII has full support for Unicode.

  • As all strings are Unicode, you will not have any problems with non-English characters.

Direct Read and Direct Write.

  • You can read and write cells directly from the file without storing them in memory. An Excel 2007+ file can contain up to 16 billion cells, which can be important for saving memory.

Drawing objects.

  • Insert all kinds of drawing objects, from simple lines to AutoShapes.

Cell notes and text boxes.

  • Create and edit text boxes and cell notes as you want.


  • Create charts with the same options as in Excel.

Pivot Tables.

  • Easy to create pivot tables much in the same way as in Excel.


  • >Cells can be copied, moved, and deleted with the same behavior as in Excel.
  • Rows and columns can be copied and moved as well.
  • >Copy/moving between sheets is supported.
  • >Entire sheets can be copied.

Use named areas/cells.

  • Names can be used where you want.
  • Accessing cells through their name is easy. Example:
    XLS.NameAsFloat['MyCell'] := 202.5;
  • Support for unique, built-in names.


  • Fast calculation engine with support for all standard Excel formulas.
  • References to external workbooks will be read. This is performed with a special fast-seek routine.
  • The calculation engine will calculate dependent cells if there are any.

And more…

  • Autofilters.
  • Conditional formats.
  • Merged cells.
  • Cell validations.