Download AB3D Reader3ds v9.1.6011.45 + CRACK (3DS File Importer)

Download AB3D Reader3ds v9.1.6011.45 + CRACK (3DS File Importer)

Version: 9.1.6011.45
Download Ab3D Reader3Ds V9.1.6011.45 + Crack (3Ds File Importer)
The AB3D Reader3ds reads the model hierarchy and their names, making accessing the read models by their names easy. It contains the Transformer3ds class that simplifies transformations on the objects.
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AB3D Reader3ds offers an effortless experience when it comes to utilization. In XAML, you can seamlessly display 3D models using either the Viewport3ds control or the Model3ds Visual3D. For more advanced scenarios, the Reader3ds class steps in with a plethora of properties and methods to exercise precise control over 3ds file reading.

Ab3D Reader3Ds

One of its standout features is its ability to grasp the model hierarchy and their names, simplifying the retrieval of models by their designated names. Additionally, the library incorporates the Transformer3ds class, streamlining object transformations. Furthermore, for those interested in animating 3ds files, the Animator3ds helper class offers a straightforward solution.

AB3D Reader3ds goes the extra mile by providing numerous sample projects that showcase its functionality and usage.

It’s worth noting that AB3D Reader3ds does not offer a dedicated build for .NET 5 or newer frameworks. Nonetheless, it remains compatible with these newer frameworks, as they support the usage of assemblies constructed with older framework versions. However, the conventional licensing method involves a license when distributing a .NET 5 or newer application. licx files cannot be employed. Instead, you must employ licensing through the “Application license key” mechanism.

AB3D Reader3ds Features:

  • Read Positions, TriangleIndices, TextureCoordinates, and Normals.
  • Read object hierarchy and object names.
  • Read Smoothing Groups – data that define which edges are sharp and which are smooth.
  • Read animations from keyframe data.
  • They are reporting progress while reading 3DS files.
  • Fully managed code.
  • Read multi-sub materials (breaks objects into more if one object contains more than one material).
  • They included simple transparency sorting.
  • We integrated a TGA image reader.
  • Get formatted XAML with the GetXaml method.
  • It simplified the transforming of objects with the Transformer3ds class.
  • It was simplified by playing animations with Animator3ds class.
  • Read all lights and cameras.
  • Read solid color, texture, and specular materials (specular materials are adjusted to be correctly displayed in WPF).
  • It was tested with thousands of 3DS files.